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The American Red Cross is in the midst of offering disaster relief for Hattiesburg after a tornado devastated portions of the city, but sometime Friday evening, someone broke into the charity’s Hattiesburg office.
The individual responsible for the burglary broke a window to get into the hardy street office where they kicked in several doors. A safe with less than
$200 in petty cash is missing, along with multiple computers, cell phones and a few other items.. Thankfully this burglary won’t interfere with the organization’s relief efforts.

“Understand this, the operation is being run through our disaster operation center.. We always when we’re working on a disaster like this.. We move out of our office, move the disaster operation center someplace else and that way the office was kept running to do our other missions. You know we don’t stop doing all the other things we do during a disaster and they made a mess of the office, and that’s going to be an inconvenience but it doesn’t affect the relief effort at all.. The relief effort is being run from the Ben McNair Center a couple of blocks away.”

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Hattiesburg Police Department at 601-544-7900.

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