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Happy St. Patrick’s Day Gulf Coast. As you can see, I wore as much green as I could get away with whilst standing in front of a green screen, so no pinching here! The weather is cooperating nicely too! Today’s high stayed just South of 70, while remaining sunny and clear. Tonight will be warmer than last night and winds from the South have continued to bring in moisture off the Gulf, so another night of patchy fog is expected. Tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon will bring mid 70s temperatures to the waterfront, while inland areas will be flirting, if not surpassing, the 80 degree mark. Cloud cover will increase ahead of an evening front, but little to no rain is expected and more high pressure moves in almost immediately. Monday bring the official start of Spring and we’ll keep warming into the upper 70s all week long. By mid-week, conditions will be right for some isolated t-storms to pop up during the warmest parts of the afternoon, but dry air will remain aloft, limiting any convective potential and weakening any storms into the weekend.

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