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Neighbors in the Virginia City community of the Latimer area were shocked to wake up to a murder investigation this morning.
News 25 spoke with some of those neighbors who say it’s alarming that a potential killer could still be out there.
It’s not unusual to see kids biking or riding their tricycles up and down the streets of the Latimer neighborhood, but Monday morning blue lights and cop cars crowded Althea Street after a harrowing discovery, a man’s body in a home’s freezer, shocking news that traveled quickly. Latimer resident Breanna Ware said, “Oh my God, who did this? Are they still on the loose? Did they catch them yet? Do they have anybody of interest yet?”
Questions weighing heavily on Breanna Ware’s mind, as a mother this crime hit too close to home. “This has always been kind of a bad neighborhood, but the police are working quickly and smoothly to move everybody out. The people who need to be in jail are already in jail by now and it was calming down and then this happened. I have a two-year-old and I have another baby on the way, so this is kind of alarming,” said Ware.
The discovery happened at a home right across the street from Angela Keleher’s house. She says it’s been a few weeks since she has seen the man who had been renting the home. “Well my understanding is that the gentleman that owned the house had turned the power off because he didn’t think that the gentleman living there was coming back so he killed the breaker on the power and apparently the smell just overtook it and he had went in there this morning and opened the freezer and there was the body.”
Latimer resident Elizabeth Barhonovich said, “If it happened to him, it could happen to me. It’s right next door, you know anything that can happen right next door can happen to you and that’s a scary feeling and thought.”
As investigators search for answers, residents are rallying together to keep an eye out for each other and now plan to hold their loved ones a little bit closer. “It’s scary. This just don’t happen here. It just makes you scared you know because I have a son and grandbabies that live there. I have a mother-in-law that lives over here. We’re all family all up in here,” said Keleher.

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