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Katherine Kelly as Andrea Quill on “Class.” Simon Ridgeway / BBC

Through the use of alien technology, considered a force of punishment on Charlie’s planet, Andrea is forced to do as Charlie says. He looks at her as his prisoner, but she interprets his punishment as slavery. They’re both right in their own ways,” Austin explained. While their relationship is combative and tense at best, the two still bond over having a shared homeland.

When it comes to Andrea and Charlie, there is no designated hero and villain.

“That was a relationship we had to handle very delicately … because I think that’s one of the most morally grey dynamics you can have,” Austin said. “To play that without making either character come off as unlikeable or as too bigoted was really challenging, because they both need to be likable in their own respect.”

All of the complexities and science fiction make Charlie a very appealing character for Austin. “As soon as I saw the role, I thought that Charlie was a real interesting and meaty role to try and portray,” he explained, “Also, the fact that in a lot of ways he’s very similar to me.” Among the similarities is Charlie being socially awkward, according to Austin.

In the end, the most exciting part of the new series for the young actor is joining the world of “Doctor Who.” The longtime series has built an immense fanbase over the years, and “Class” is an experiment in adding something new to the beloved franchise.

“I can’t quite put into words how wonderful its been to be given the opportunity to come into this hugely established universe with such a huge fanbase. There’s such a legacy and history behind it,” he concluded.

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