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The “I’m Making a Boy Band” project produced EXP, a K-pop group made up of non-Korean performers. (From left to right: Bora Kim, Samantha Y. Shao and Karin Kuroda) Courtesy of ‘I’m Making a Boy Band’

Controversy is nothing new to EXP EDITION. The group

initially drew criticism for its original name, EXP, which stood for “experiment.” Some fans accused the band of trying to imitate a well-known K-pop group called EXO, an allegation that Kim and Kuroda have denied.

They eventually changed the name to EXP EDITION. Doing so not only helped with potential copyright issues, Kuroda said, but the name also embodied the group’s latest phase — their “expedition” to South Korea.

Kuroda and Kim said they have more in store for fans, including upcoming performances and additional songs to release.

“Before it was really hard to operate this project because we had such limited resources,” Kim said. “But now we have investment, we’re a fully functioning entertainment company, and [are] really learning the K-pop industry.”

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