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Another motion requesting the removal of Judge Breland Hilburn from all the cases in the Singing River pension plan lawsuit has been filed.
Harvey Barton and Earl Denham represent about 200 of the 3,100 retirees in the case. They filed the motion yesterday, calling the case something similar to a “John Grisham novel.” This latest motion asks for the judge to be held in contempt of court and for all others who were involved in an alleged ex-parte meeting last month to be removed from the case.
Denham also weighed in on the proposed class action settlement that would encompass all of the retirees with a judge’s approval. “I just want justice to prevail,” said Denham, “I want to see these people get their pensions restored. I want the county to wake up and understand that it has endorsed a plan that nobody can tell anybody what the pensioners are going to get. To this day, nobody knows or if they know, they’ve never told. I want this nightmare over for these people and three of them have died now.”
Today, attorneys Reeves and Mestayer, who also represent the retirees and whose firm drafted the proposed class action settlement, announced that they have set up a website dedicated to providing information regarding the class action lawsuit. The website can be found at www.singingriversettlement.com.

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