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District Attorney Joel Smith announced today that a jury has found 34-year old Leslie Danielle Dewitt guilty of two counts of touching a child for lustful purposes relating to a 16- year old sophomore student on the girls basketball team at Hancock High School where she served as Assistant Coach. The jury found Dewitt not guilty on two counts of sexual battery. The five-day trial was presided over by Judge Larry Bourgeois and concluded Monday afternoon at the Hancock County Courthouse. After receiving the jury’s verdict, Judge Bourgeois sentenced Dewitt to two consecutive 15 year sentences for a total of 30 years to serve in prison. She is not eligible for early release or parole and she must serve every day of the sentence. Upon release, she will be required to register as a sex offender.
The investigation into the case began on January 10, 2013 when the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department was contacted by her mother who said the girl had disclosed sexual abuse which had previously occurred during her sophomore year of high school. After the initial disclosure, the mother obtained medical treatment for her daughter, who had suffered illness as a result of the abuse. “The victim testified that Dewitt initially disclosed her feelings for the student in the 8th grade. After years of grooming, the defendant committed various sexual acts of sexual molestation on her over a period of approximately eight months during her sophomore year of high school,” said ADA Chris Daniel who prosecuted the case with ADA Alison Baker. During sentencing, Judge Larry Bourgeois addressed Dewitt and stated, “The most precious asset of any community is their children. We all love our children. They are our future. The victim was entrusted to you, and you took advantage of that trust – you manipulated that child. You violated a sacred trust.”
“We are very pleased for the victim and her family to receive justice today. They have been through so much and stayed strong throughout the process. Today’s guilty verdicts provide strong accountability, justice and hopefully some closure for this family,” said District Attorney Joel Smith.

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  • talulah

    30 years? For an unforced relationship with a person over the age of consent, old enough to drive and work, get married with parental consent, be prosecuted as an ADULT any day of the week? Wow. That must be a typo.

    At some point this ‘victim’ must realize that her willing conduct ruined a person’s life and destroyed a family. Oh yea, and she will still be a lesbian.

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