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A series of meetings will take place in Pascagoula from November to December, all in an effort to change the relationship between police officers and citizens.
Matthew Senge, a former police officer, is hosting this series of meetings on civilian oversight, a system in which he proposes the implementation of committees that would observe and hold officers accountable for their actions in the line of duty.
Senge hopes these meetings spark discussions of building trust and transparency between police and citizens. “I think that we’re asking the wrong questions. Why not ask what can the police do for your community? And law enforcement, I did this tonight, law enforcement has this great arm of protect. It looks great, 24 inches, big, and law enforcement has become great protectors, but over here this arm, for partnership, is lackluster.”
These town hall meetings will occur every Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Hancock Bank branch building in Pascagoula through December.

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  • Matthew Scott Senge

    I very much appreciate the News coverage, I must make it clear that
    Oversight IS NEVER about babysitting Police Officers while they are on
    duty and playing “arm chair” quarterback. It is NEVER designed to focus
    on day to day operations hoping a Police Officer messes up….
    Oversight we are attempting focuses on building Relationships with the
    Community and the Police that both Protect and Serve them in hopes of
    developing long standing partnerships so we all can find ways of
    building trust and transparency while exemplifying accountability. The
    reporter covering this story Hank Davis did a great job and we hope to
    build a working relationship with the media here on the Coast. I just
    needed to clear this up!

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