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This afternoon in Pascagoula, city leaders met with concerned citizens and business owners to further discuss the plan to rejuvenate Market Street.
The process has been long and painstaking as city council members are considering every aspect of the much needed update. The city also has to plan for areas where significant infrastructure needs must be addressed while considering other factors like leisure, parking for businesses on the street, and beautification among others.
Pascagoula City Manager Joe Huffman said, “The first would be safety and I mean vehicular safety as well as pedestrian safety and maybe cycling safety. Then I think secondly you look at economic development, what’s going to make the area better long term, not just short term. If you look at the area where there’s a lot of revitalization needs to take place, sure we’ve got some businesses there that we appreciate and we want to see those thrive, but we also want to try to create an environment where you’ve got a street where people are going to want to locate.”
Mayor Jim Blevins nominated one of the proposed plans at the end of the meeting, but no official decision has been made. The project has been tabled for further discussion.

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