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Harrison County officials could spend close to $3.5 million to restore beaches. News 25’s Kendra Turley takes us to the shores of Gulfport and shares more on the improvement project.
Whether it’s for recreation or exercise, Harrison County beaches are popular destinations for locals and tourists. Tourist Lauren Beirise said, “We come out here with our family. It’s a great place to bring all of our nephews and nieces.”
However, erosion is starting to take a noticeable toll on the area. Authorities presented a $3.5 million plan to the board of supervisors in hopes to replenish several beaches across the county. Engineer Dax Alexander said, “It’ll be about 200,000 yards of sand at eight locations to widen the beach to its normal 240 width.”
The proposal includes plans to repair pipes, outfall and other deteriorating infrastructure. A portion of the beach near Hewes Avenue in Gulfport is the section in need of the most attention. Contractors plan to dredge sand from near shore bar areas and bring it back here to the beach. Harrison County Sand Beach Authority Director Chuck Loftis said, “The beach was pumped in for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to protect the seawall. Harrison County is under agreement with the corps of engineers to keep that done. This is something we have to do.”
The last time the U.S. Corps of Engineers replenished Harrison County beaches was back in 2008. Authorities hope to have the project completed before the end of this year or early next year. Gulfport resident Robert Russo said, “And to me, looking out over this scene, you could never get tired of it. I’m glad to hear that we’re going to be putting more investment into this view.”

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