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In the state of Mississippi, March 29th each year will now be designated Vietnam Veterans Day after Governor Bryant signs House Bill 976 declaring the date.
The Vietnam War was an unpopular war and many of the veterans returning to the United States were treated poorly. Vietnam Veterans Day is meant to be a time to recognize these forgotten heroes, but not all Vietnam veterans on the Coast are thrilled about the declaration. Vietnam War Veteran Kevin Cuttill said, “They didn’t name it on January 28th when the accord was signed. They didn’t name it May 15th when the last American vet soldier was killed. They named it during a mass exit when it shows the American soldiers turning their back on an ally, pulling us out. The politicians should have been showed turning their back on an ally, not us. The date is kind of irrelevant. The wait, 44 years later, that’s just an insult.”
The first Vietnam Veterans Day in Mississippi will be celebrated in two weeks on March 29th.

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