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If everything goes as planned, Moss Point will have a new police chief in less than two weeks. Today, News 25 caught up with Calvin Hutchins who says he’s excited to take on this new role and bring stability to the city.
Lieutenant Calvin Hutchins is a 23 year veteran patrol officer who has worked his way up the ranks after beginning his career with the Moss Point Police Department in 1994. He moved on to the Pascagoula Police Department just four years later and he’s done everything from traffic enforcement to criminal investigations and just about everything in between. Come March 27th he’ll be ready to head back to his home of Moss Point to become the city’s chief of police. “When you look back at Moss Point you got family, you have friends, you have educators there. People who have invested so much into your life I felt like I want to go back and invest the last part of my year back into the city that I care so much about,” said Hutchins.
Back in 2014 the board of alderman voted for Hutchins over Art McClung for the police chief position, but Mayor Billy Broomfield vetoed the board’s decision. Hutchins said he chose not to get involved this time around when the board was taking applications, but after hearing none of the six original candidates were chosen, he had second thoughts and decided to put the past behind him with no hard feelings. “To each his own. Everybody has their own opinion of the decision that they make. We, as people, need to learn how to not take things personal, but we move on beyond that.”
Mayor Broomfield says he felt compelled to uphold the decision of the board this time around with a 6-1 vote. He now says he’s confident that Hutchins’ views coincide with the city’s values and he’s ready to welcome him with open arms. “Nothing is going to change in terms of our commitment and our quality of services that we provide to the city. We just, hopefully, we believe that Chief Hutchins is going to help take that to the next level with us,” said Mayor Broomfield.
Hutchins says he wants to concentrate on high crime areas, finally give the city some stability, and most importantly regain the trust of the citizens. “We have to realize that the public is our eyes for us. The better you have a relationship with them the more information we tend to gather and build a strong department and make sure everybody is safe and feels safe. I believe this, if you have a safe city, you have investors who want to invest their money into a place they feel like is protected,” said Hutchins.

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