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Last night was warm & humid and today’s weather was a little more of both on the first day of Spring. Today’s high climbed into the 80s, and as the ridge continues to slowly move East, we’ll see even warmer temperatures over the next few days along with our sunny and clear conditions. Tonight will have more humidity and a higher temperature than last night did, so expect widespread dense fog to begin forming during the cool & calm overnight hours. Dense fog advisories have already been issued for Pearl River, Hancock, Harrison, and Jackson Counties until 10 am tomorrow. Please remember to slow down, do NOT use high beams, and give yourself plenty of room to stop while driving late tonight or very early tomorrow morning. The next few afternoons will have similar conditions and temperatures, though we will begin to see more cloud cover as we approach the weekend. It looks like the next example of “active” weather will move through Saturday evening, as a cold front pushes through the area. Conditions seem right to create some strong storms with this system, but it’s still too early to tell whether severe weather will have a significant chance of forming.

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