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Two hit and runs on the Coast last week and still no suspects or arrests have been made.
D’Iberville police continue to search for a driver of a U-Haul truck who allegedly struck a 12-year-old boy on Tuesday. The next day 53-year-old Lawrence Ducksworth was hit and killed by a vehicle in Gulfport at the corner of Ohio Avenue and Polk Street. So far in both cases there are no suspects and no arrests have been made.
Gulfport Police Sergeant Josh Bromen tells News 25 the department has not received any tips from the public on this hit and run. “We just ask that if you see your neighbor’s vehicles got some damage or if you see something out of the ordinary or maybe you think it could be part of this crash please give us a call so we can resolve this for the family as well as bring this person to justice.”
If you witness a hit and run, try to write down the license plate or remember any specific details about the vehicle such as decal stickers.

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