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Magnolia trees, marigolds, lilies, fresh tomato plants and cactuses are some of the items a group of special needs students have for sale in Gulfport.
The students in Harrison Central High School’s community and life skills program have been getting ready for the big plant sale since January, from cleaning out the school’s old green house to helping buy the soil to taking care of the plants.
Student Javeron Boldon said, “Checking on everything and see if the plants are great and healthy so they could come pick it up and then they can take it home. Then they can take care of the plants. You’ll find roses. You’ll find sunflowers. You’ll find onions. You’ll find lettuce, tomatoes and everything that you see in here, even carrots.”
If you’re in need of some fresh flowers, herbs, or veggies all you have to do is give the high school a phone call at 228-832-2610.

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