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Tonight’s clear & humid conditions are a bit different from the cloudy & humid conditions we’ve seen recently, and that change won’t be the last we’ll see before the weekend. We’ve seen patchy fog formation over the last few evenings, and tonight’s clear skies will increase it’s density a bit, but dry air filtering in from above will keep it from getting too widespread. Basically if you’ve seen fog over the last few evenings, expect to see it tonight and it will likely be dense in localized areas. Any fog that develops won’t last past the late morning thanks to mostly sunny skies allowing for rapid heating. Friday’s high remains near 82, but we’ll see further increases to humidity as a cold front begins to move in.

The front is expected to arrive a few hours after noon on Saturday, and will bring mostly showers though a few t-storms aren’t completely out of the question. Regardless, any storms are expected to stay out of the strong to severe ranges. Afterwards, expect a cool day for Sunday with a high in the low 70s, but we’ll warm back into the 80s in no time.

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