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Now we bring you the story of a scary new trend that’s swimming around on the internet.
The blue whale challenge.
It might sound harmless, but it could put your child’s life at risk.
News 25’s Hank Davis.

In a time when teen suicide has been glamorized and the internet is easily accessible for young people, a scary new trend is making its rounds on social media websites..

A game called the “Blue Whale Challenge” is rumored to have originated in Russia.. Allegedly already claiming the lives of multiple teens, the game targets, the young and vulnerable.. Anonymous users prompt them to take part in the game, where they are given one objective every day for 50 days… These demands can included anything from self-mutilation to staying up 24 hours.. And on day 50, the player is commanded to commit suicide.

One local twelve year old recently had a brush with the game. Thankfully her mom caught on, and stepped in before it was too late.

“I opened her phone and when I saw the pictures, the first thing I did was she carved F57 so I hash tagged it on Instagram.. I went and looked it up.. That’s when I came upon all these pictures of kids cutting.. and when it popped up the blue whale challenge.. I went on google and looked it up.”
– Mel Groome-Patton Discovered Her Child Was Participating In The Blue Whale Game

After joining a Facebook group, Caileigh Santos received an anonymous messages demanding that she play the game or her family would be harmed.

“It kinda just happened.. I didn’t really know if it was fake or not.. And it was just like a scary story or whatever.. And then someone messaged me asking me do you want to play? I was like oh shoot I better do it but I didn’t really understand if they knew where I lived or not.”
– Caileigh Groome-Santos 12 Year Old Targeted By “Blue Whale” Facebook Group

Caileighs mom recommends that parents watch for unusual behavior, and monitor their computer and cellphone activity on a daily basis.

“It’s very because you don’t know if it’s one person.. If it a group of people.. If they have like a list of like.. Okay we did it with this person.. ok well I’m going to delete my profile and maybe this person that’s part of the group.. You start going after that person.”

In Gulfport, Hank Davis News 25.

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