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As promised, today was a carbon copy of yesterday afternoon though the evening will be a bit warmer as our low climbs into the mid 70s. Winds are increasing as well, and are expected to remain between 5-10 mph tonight, limiting any fog formation. As long as the wind remains southerly, which is expected for a few more days, we’ll experience increasingly more humid days until a front finally moves through near the end of the weekend.

Speaking of fronts, one will attempt to move into Mississippi on Thursday, but strong high pressure and weakening support will cause it to stall well off to the Northwest. Another, stronger front will begin slowly sliding down out of the Rockies, gaining strength as we head into Friday. This front will eventually move through and bring some cooling/drying, but due to it’s crawling pace it won’t arrive until likely Sunday morning. In the meantime, Gulf Coast weather will remain in the mid-to-lower 80s with sporadic afternoon cloud cover and muggy conditions.

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