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A pump station on the London Avenue Canal sends water into Lake Pontchartrain as New Orleans prepares for flooding from Hurricane Harvey on Aug. 29. Chris Graythen / Getty Images

Despite the good news, the stories coming out of Houston resurfaced the 12-year-old scars left by Hurricane Katrina.

“[Houston] is very reminiscent of Katrina,” Williams said. “I was very fortunate to leave before the storm, but it’s exactly what I saw. We were lucky, but it hurts to see a city like that — especially now.”

At a press conference Tuesday, the 12-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, Landrieu called for a moment of silence to remember the storm that ravaged his city — and to memorialize the more than 1,800 people who died in the flooding.

“Everybody remembers all too well, especially in light of what’s going in Houston, that 12 years ago Katrina changed New Orleans forever,” the mayor said. “We lost 1,800 of our fellow Americans, a million people were displaced, one million homes were damaged, and another 250,000 homes were absolutely destroyed.”


For Survivors of Last Epic Hurricane, a Case of ‘Katrina Brain’

The levees in New Orleans broke during Hurricane Katrina, which flooded 80 percent of the Gulf Coast city and destroyed lives. Landrieu said the images and survivor stories “were seared into our souls forever.”

“We unfortunately have to watch our friends [in Houston] and other parts of Texas experience a similar hardship,” he added. “We will never forget the incredible compassion that the people of Houston particularly and the people of Texas, as well … showed us when we needed them most.”

Image: Clouds gather at the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet Hurricane Katrina memorial in Shell Beach, Louisiana. Tuesday.

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