6 months ago
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New Year Brings New Tools for Moss Point Police

2017 brings a whole new year and Moss Point police say they’re moving in the right direction. The Moss Point Police Department has just installed 20 new L3 body cameras to assist officers in collecting evidence for investigations. These high quality cameras mount on their uniforms and allow police officers to record broad areas while […]
7 months ago
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Antennas Allow Quick Body Camera Viewing for Biloxi PD

The Biloxi Police Department vehicles have a new set of fins, but they’re not taking these cars for a swim in the Gulf. What appears to look like fins are actually antennas that allow body camera video to be uploaded to a Cloud right after it’s taken. They also help save time by turning the […]
12 months ago
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Biloxi PD Gets New Body Cameras

In a time where police and civilian interaction is under a tiny microscope, it’s important for police to have the technology to keep them from any scrutiny. In Biloxi, the police department will receive the tool to do just that: new body cameras, the first of their kind in the state. We live in the […]
1 year ago
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Police Receive Money For Body Cameras

News 25’s Laurene Callander tells us about the new body cameras for the Biloxi Police Department.
2 years ago
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D’Iberville PD Purchases New Body Cameras for Officers

The D’Iberville Police Department made a significant step toward better serving their community today with the purchase of new body worn cameras.
3 years ago
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Police Body Cams Already in Use in Biloxi

While more police departments across the country are moving toward the use of body cameras, the Biloxi Police Department has been using recording devices for three years now.