3 weeks ago
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Little Children’s Park seeks funds for new equipment

Everyone deserves a place to play, interact with peers, and enjoy the health benefits of being outdoors. News 25’s Kendra Turley joins us from the Little Children’s Park in Ocean Springs to talk about an upcoming partnership that aims to boost inclusiveness.
10 months ago
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New Year Brings New Tools for Moss Point Police

2017 brings a whole new year and Moss Point police say they’re moving in the right direction. The Moss Point Police Department has just installed 20 new L3 body cameras to assist officers in collecting evidence for investigations. These high quality cameras mount on their uniforms and allow police officers to record broad areas while […]
1 year ago
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Biloxi PD Gets New Body Cameras

In a time where police and civilian interaction is under a tiny microscope, it’s important for police to have the technology to keep them from any scrutiny. In Biloxi, the police department will receive the tool to do just that: new body cameras, the first of their kind in the state. We live in the […]